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Proud owners!

Hellbent started with three of us – Jack Guinn, Chris Giles and Randy Embernate – longtime friends and restaurant industry veterans. For us, starting Hellbent was the natural (and the coolest) thing to do, growing directly out of our experience and our love of beer. For years we home-brewed and toiled over our business plan. Then, we met Brian Young – award winning brewer, co-owner and fast friend – who turned out to be the missing link. Within a couple months, we were on the hunt for the perfect location.

We wanted our brewery in Lake City, where Chris and Jack already called home, to contribute to the growing beer scene here. When we stepped into the old CM Hopkins building for the first time, we knew we had found our venue. Starting right away, we gutted it and began the transformation, building with reclaimed wood, steel, good humor, and a fair amount of muscle.

Finally, after years of fierce determination and hard work (including seven months of construction), we opened our doors in the thick of microbrew country. We didn’t do this alone. We are humbled by the support and kindness of our friends and family that helped us along the way. So, to our beer-loving brothers and sisters of the Pacific Northwest, cheers and welcome to Hellbent!


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Mash Tanks

We’re not just pitching the yeast*. We are beer lovers pitchin’ woo** to Lake City with a bouquet of hops in one hand and a pint in the other. From our crisp golden ale to our floral jasmine wheat, we meticulously craft our brews with the best ingredients to ensure the highest quality beer every time.

While we obviously love our beer, our beer-love is not exclusive to Hellbent. Including featured beers from our favorite local microbreweries, we have a total of 20 beers on tap. We also offer wine, cider, and other bottled beer to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

* In brewing, adding yeast to the wort to start the transformation from sugary liquid to beer is called “pitching the yeast.”

**“Pitchin woo” is a southern expression for “wooing a love interest.” Two of us are Pacific Northwesterners by way of Texas.




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Friends and Family of Hellbent Brewing Company

A special thank you to all our friends, family, and those who helped us build such an amazing place!



For us, beer is more than just a delicious beverage. Our beer is part of a culture of camaraderie; it’s the libation of discussion, of music, and of good company. Step into our tasting room or swing by a food truck at our beer garden. Enjoy yourself. We want Hellbent to be your place to make new friends, listen to local live music, and think big thoughts. Drink our Funky Red Patina and consider, for example, the ongoing relevance of Ton Loc. And while you are pondering – ask us about it. We love talking shop and we want to get to know you.